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Introducing New Gaming Footers

Game Footers

The new game footers are brought to you by Encyclopedia Gamia and our very own Games Hub. The basic goal is simple: draw together Wikia communities in one location that enjoy the same genres and hopefully expose them to some new games and communities they might be interested in. Our secondary goal is to try and connect editors looking for help with members and administrators from other wikias who are interested in helping them out, whether it be with content, technical knowledge, or insight gleaned from running a community.

How do I get my site included in the Wikia games footer?

If you haven't already been approached, feel free to include your site in the submission section below in the genre you feel is most appropriate for the game you cover. Note that, with rare exception, a game should only be placed in one footer.
Here are some other things to consider:

A member or members of the site should be willing to help those that might ask for assistance in creating their own wikia. Obviously this is at member discretion; members aren't absolutely required to answer every request for help, nor should they if the query is unrealistic and/or no one has the know-how.
Any site participating in the footer will have a page created on the Games Hub for their franchise for more exposure. Members are encouraged to double-check this entry once it is live and may take ownership of the page.
Any site participating in the footer will have each individual game in their franchise created on Encyclopedia Gamia for more exposure. Members are encouraged to double-check these entries once they are live and may take ownership of the pages.
Backgrounds are transparent and links/text are set to match the site's settings.
The new footers are mobile-friendly.
Though intended to stretch the entire width of a main page, the footer can also fit into the left rail, if so desired.
My game's genre isn't included.

In most cases a game can fit into multiple categories, so the best should be chosen when possible that most closely matches the genre. Rogue-like games, for instance, aren't included because many games feature stealth elements. Instead, they can be found within the Action-Adventure footer.
Should the situation arise where another footer is potentially needed, one may be created, but only if 1) the genre can't be included in any other category and 2) there are enough games for the footer.

I already have a footer.

For footers that were created and maintained by Wikia staff, these will be replaced with the new footers.
Footers created by users will not be touched at this time.

Submit your site!
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News Round-up, January 28th-February 10th

Moves/Strategy videos
IGN has updated with videos for Sasquatch, Bishamon, Hsien-Ko and Donovan. Bishamon and Sasquatch's moves list videos have been added to the Vampire Resurrection site.

01:59Darkstalkers Resurrection - SasquatchSasquatch Move List01:52Darkstalkers Resurrection - BishamonBishamon Moves List01:32Darkstalkers - Hsien-Ko Moves ListHsien-Ko Move List01:36Darkstalkers - Donovan Moves ListDonovan Move List02:17Darkstalkers - Sasquatch Character StrategySasquatch Character Strategy02:31Darkstalkers - Bishamon Character StrategyBishamon Character Strategy02:44Darkstalkers - Hsien-Ko Character StrategyHsien-Ko Character Strategy03:12Darkstalkers - Donovan Character StrategyDonovan Character StrategyJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})
Onimusha Soul
Lilith received a Valentine's Day costume in Onimusha Soul

Two books are slated for Japan. Vampire Resurrection Official Anthology Comic will be released in Japan on March 14th. Vampire Series Official Complete Works will be released in Japan on the same day. No word on their release outside of Japan.

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News, January 14th-20th, 2013

News for the week, January 14-20th. Capcom's Darkstalkers Resurrection: Embrace the Dark contest ends today.
IGN has been adding strategy and motion list videos for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Two characters are chosen a week. Last week was Morrigan and Demitri. This week is Felicia and Jon Talbain. I'm not the only one to point this out but the strategy video seems to lack strategy and mostly talks about the characters in general. The official Vampire Resurrection has also uploaded the character moves list for Morrigan and Demitri.

01:49Darkstalkers - Felicia Moves ListFelicia Moves List01:28Darkstalkers - Jon Talbain Moves ListJon Talbain Moves List02:35Darkstalkers - Felicia Character StrategyFelicia Character Strategy02:03Darkstalkers - Jon Talbain Character StrategyTalbain Character StrategyJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Stanley Lau will be uploading two pieces of DSR artwork a week. This week was Morrigan and Demitri. The artwork is the same as what was posted on the Vampire Resurrection site but but with a blow up image of the character in the backdrop.

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