Darkstalkers (Capcom Summer Special 2004)

Summer Special, Wizard World Chicago cover

Udon's Capcom Summer Special 2004 was Udon's first introduction to the Darkstalkers series. The comic featured three stories based on the Capcom's Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Rival Schools series. The artwork for all three covers were done by Udon's Arnold Tsang.


"Pa Pa's Gift"Edit

After the death of her father, Chun-Li visits England we she catches the Shadaloo thug, Birdie, causing trouble.

"The Eye of Belial"Edit

Belial Aensland, a ruler of Makai foresees the future of Makai and his adopted succubus daughter, Morrigan. He must do what he can to save the future of Makai and his new daughter.

"Justice High"Edit

On their way to a Benny's restaurant to meet up with Shoma, Natsu and Hinata run across the construction site of a new school and decide to check out the recruitment center.


In order of appearance.

"Pa Pa's Gift" charactersEdit

"The Eye of Belial" charactersEdit

"Justice High" charactersEdit

Cameos in "Justice High"Edit


  • In "Pa Pa's Gift," the Wizard World Chicago cover, featuring Morrigan, Demitri and Lilith is seen behind Chun-Li when she is sitting on a bench. The poster to the left of it may have the silhouettes of Morrigan and Demitri on one side and Ryu and Ken on the other.
  • Unlike the front covers, the credits page uses the non-Japanese Darkstalkers logo from the video games that reads "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors."


"Pa Pa's Gift"
Written by: Ken Siu-Chong
Art by:

Andrew Hou, Omar Dogan, Scott Hepburn, Christine Choi, Gary Yeung and Arnold Tsang

"The Eye of Belial"
Written by: Ken Siu-Chong
Art by: Alvin Lee and Omar Dogan
Colors by: Shane Law and Kevin Yan
"Justice High"
Story by: Erik Ko
Dialogue by: Lem Siu-Chong
Art by: Omar Dogan
Color assist: Clavin Lo



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