Darkstalkers the Night Warriors Volume 1

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Issue 01

Udon Comics' Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Issue 1 was written by Ken Siu-Chong with artwork by Joe Vriens and Eric Vedder. The first issue continues off of the last comic in the six part Darkstalkers series and starts off with Donovan Baine and Anita. The side story done by Joe Ng features a several new characters and includes a Soul Bee from Q-Bee's tribe.

The comic was released on February 1st, 2010 and featured two covers. One cover featured Q-Bee, drawn by Emily Warren and another cover drawn by Alvin Lee which would later become the middle of a three part panorama.

Publisher synopsisEdit

"The ghoulish monsters and sexy seductresses known as the Darkstalkers are back! Morrigan, Demitri, Bishamon, and Donovan are joined by newcomers like Huitzil, Anakaris, and Q-Bee. It’s man VS demon, robot VS mummy, succubus VS vampire and more, as the creatures of the night battle for control of the darkness!"
–Udon Entertainment

Issue SynopsisEdit

To be added.



  • Pyron
  • Dr. Varvle (also referred to as Professor, in the video games canon he is called Varvle Mattlayer)
  • Thornton (new to the series and non-canon to the main series)
  • A Soul Bee
  • Diabolus Dionaea muscipula or Demon Flytrap (new to the series and non-canon)



  • Donovan is referred to as the "Night Warrior" by an unnamed darkstalker.
  • Belial, Morrigan's father is mentioned.
  • Unlike Darkstalkers, the Night Warriors comic series does not include any "Darkstalkers Minis."


Story: Ken Siu-Chong


Eric Vedder, Joe Vriens
Inks: Crystal Reid
Colors: Espen Grundetjern
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Bonus story pencils: Joe Ng


  • Diabolus is Latin for Devil and Dionaea muscipula is the scientific name for the Venus Flytrap, which is also Latin.
  • In the background at the end of Donovan, Anita and Bishamon's story arch in this issue is a sign that may read Lyons Tea. This may refer to a brand of tea from Ireland known as Lyon's Tea.


Cover artworkEdit


Production artworkEdit


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