UCDS issue 2 cover 01

Darkstalkers Issue 2 cover

Released in December of 2004, Udon Comic's Darkstalkers Issue 2 was the second Darkstalkers comic to be written by Ken Siu-Chong. The main artwork was done by Alvan Lee whom also contributed a cover for the issue. Published by Devil's Due Publishing, the second issue featured thee cover variation with an additional one upon it's second print. An addition side story titled "Talbain's Bane," introduced Jon Talbain and a part of his past. Along side the side story, a new "Darkstalkers Mini," featuring Baby Bonnie Hood and Lord Raptor was also included.

Publisher synopsisEdit

"A few years prior, a small village was annihilated by a group of monsters. The sole survivor of the devastation, a little girl named Anita, was attacked by Bishamon when the scent of her blood led him straight to her. At the last instant Anita was saved by Donovan, and she has not left his side since. Back in Makai, Belial sense the final end to this life approaching and summons his daughter to his side. Away on one of her many jaunts into the human world, Morrigan does not hear her father's summons."
–Udon Entertainment, Darkstalkers Graphic File.

Issue SynopsisEdit

To be added.





Darkstalkers MiniEdit


  • Makai's chaotic past is brought up.
  • Belial mentions that he has kept a secret from Morrigan, one that involves her power.
  • Donovan mentions Anita's past.


Story by: Ken Siu-Chong

Pencils and inks by:

Alvin Lee
Backgrounds by: Scott Hepburn
Colors by: Gary Yeung, Christine Choi, Omar Dogan
Assistant Editor: Marina Siu-Chong
Lettering: Cyber Graphix
Udon Chief: Erik Ko
Special Guest Artist Lesean Thomas with colors by CP & Patara
Mad-Evil-Foil cover: Arnold Tsang
Capcom mini:

Corey Lewis (credited as Rey)



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