Dee is character who appeared in Donovan's Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge ending but has only appeared as a playable, secret, character in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection; a Japanese only release.


In his ending in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge, Donovan finally loses his humanity as he sacrifices himself somewhat in order to protect Anita as well as awaken her emotion again. Although Donovan is victorious, he succumbed to the dark part of his soul too much in order to do so. This tragic turn of events causes Anita to cry, and is symbolic in showing that Anita is finally whole again. Years later, a grown Anita wonders what became of Donovan, and she hopes he's okay. Sadly however, we find Donovan sitting on a throne, beside many bodies. He is fighting a never ending struggle with himself as he yearns for inner peace.

Vampire: Darkstalkers CollectionEdit

Oder Anita-Ending portrait

Anita (Older)

In Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection, a new secret character is unlocked in the "Arranged Versions" of Vampire Savior. This character is named Dee, and he is essentially Donovan with more powerful moves and a mix of Demitri's moves with a new projectile attack. He appears as Donovan's head put onto Demitri's red-colored body, with Dhylec floating behind. Dee is the true, present day Donovan, somewhat corrupted and a "what if" if his Vampire Hunter ending was indeed canon. In Dee's ending, he confronts Anita, who shows her true form and he begins to fight an aged Anita. The outcome of this fight isn't shown but during the credits various pictures are shown of aged Anita visiting a grave. It is assumed that the grave is Donovan's and that she won the fight and killed him, and it is still unknown whether this is a canon event or something of a "what if."

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After unlocking and selecting one of the arrange versions of Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 or Vampire Savior 2, highlight the random select box on the character select screen and press "select" 9 times and then press any punch or kick button.


Sprite Dee

Darkstalkers series
Darkstalkers series

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  • Dee's name is a reference to the titular character D from Vampire Hunter D, who is also a dhampir.
  • Unlike his original form, he can be dismembered by certain attacks in the game, due to being largely based on Demitri's sprites.
  • Dee's random encounter battle is versus Demitri.

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