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  • "I am the first and only ruler of this trivial planet!"

Vampire SaviorEdit

Jedah's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English. Only one does not have a true English equivalent.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"詩人の憂いは永久の闇との邂逅 つまりは、そういうことだ" "A poet's greatest fear is his inevitable encounter with the eternal darkness." "A poet's trouble comes from meeting with eternal darkness."
"自分で言うのもおこがましいが 私は聡明なのだ……あきれるほどに" "At the risk of sounding immodest, I must confess I am a being of great superiority." "I'm sorry, but I'm so sagacious, it's almost scary."
"「死」によってのみ救済される命 矛盾ではない、論理的帰結だ" "Death is life's only salvation That is no paradox... it is simply the logical conclusion." "Your soul can only be saved by death. It doesn't contradict!"
"ところで君は知っているかね?真理にそむく愚者の哀れな末路を" "Do you know what happens to fools who turn away from the truth?" "Do you understand the fate of the fools who betrayed the truth?"
"雑誌の懸賞に当たるよりも簡単だ この私の真意を理解するのはね" "Guessing my intentions is easier than winning some magazine sweepstakes." "Understanding my intentions will give you the final prize."
"偽善?違うね そもそも万物に善悪の区別など無い" "Hypocrite? Hardly. Enlightened beings such as myself realize that there are no such things as 'good' and 'evil'" "Hypocrisy? No it's not. There's no good or evil."
"ただ死に向かうだけの生命なら せめて我がためにささげるが良い" "If your life is but a path leading you to death, why not give your life up to my service?" "If your soul exists to perish, grant it to me..."
"奇跡の信者は大勢居るが 君は確率ゼロの勝機を欲するのかね" "I have met many souls that believe in miracles, but you.. you are pursuing a victory in the bleakest of circumstances" "Many believe in miracles, but you'll need more than that!"
言いたいことは解るよ 希望にそえぬのは残念だが "I understand what you are trying to say, but I shall not grant you your desire." "I understand your opinion. I just don't care about it..."
"ああ、ひとつ言い忘れていたよ 君と話すのもこれが最後だ、とね" "Oh, before I forget... this will be the last time I ever speak with you." "Ah, I forgot to tell you... It's game over for you!"
"闇という存在……母の懐にも似た その包容力に安堵したまえ" "This thing you call shadow, is it like a mother's blossom... rest now, in its eternally warm embrace." "Darkness... It holds you in peace, like your mom's arms."
"理解し、実践する……崇高な理念の 持ち主にのみ許される生産的行為だ" "The path of learning and doing.. it is something that is only available to those who live by a noble philosophy." "To know and practice, a productive deed for a noble."
"感性のリビドーが質的崩壊により パライソに達する……わかるね?" "The sensitive libido leads you to the paradise through qualitative collapse... do you understand?" "Libido of sensitivity reaches paraisso... get it?"
"心静かに待ちたまえ 死への旅立ちを望む者よ" "Traveler... wait quietly. Your journey towards death will begin momentarily." "Wait peacefully for your journey to death."
"勝利とは?存在とは?君たちには永遠に不要のテーゼだ" "What is victory? What is existence? You will never have the chance to contemplate these questions." "True victory? True existence? You know nothing."
"たとえるなら、そう 嵐の前に咲いた可憐な花一輪……" "You are like a rare and beautiful flower that has blossomed on the very night before a deadly storm." N/A

Capcom Fighting JamEdit

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