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Deserted Chateau stage - Aensland Castle

Deserted Chateau stage featuring the Aensland Castle's entrance.

Makai (魔界, lit. "Ghoul Realm") is a realm in the Darkstalkers series that is connected to Earth through a rift. it is home to many the supernatural beings in the Darkstalkers series.


Demitri Belial Darkstalkers

Makai noble, Belial

In historical records of Makai, Zeruru Aesland, an ancestor of Belial, was the first supernatural being who respectfully ruled over Makai and its people.[1] This marked the rise of the Makai nobles, and their rein and control over separate regions of the realm such as Jedah, who had plans to control the realm for himself and control humanity, many supernatural beings were often in conflit with the Makai nobles due to their views for controling everything and and their desire for power, and some left the realm in order to have their control over their own fate, having relationships and families of the own, even with humans. Makai is connected to many other realms and the human world through a portal that lies in the peak of a mountain known as Gilala Gila, it is an active volcano and lies in the middle of Makai's central continent, Matairiku.[1]


The beings who inhabit the realm of Makai are full of many supernatural creatures of legends and tales such as Werewolves, Trolls, Gargoyles, Vampires, Zombies, Werecats, Succubus, Ogres, and many more, some of these creatures are offen close with the nobles of Makai, the Troll race and the Werewolves have a close friendship with the kingdom of Aensland, while the Vampires and Gargoyles as well as the Bee race have an allience with The kingdom of Dohma. 

Creation mythEdit

Ancient writings of the realm states that Makai was created from a supernatural being who appeared where there was nothing. Every creature in this realm are descendants of this being, and that Makai itself is a deity.[1]


The realm of Makai is made up of a continent known as Matairiku (魔大陸, lit. "Ghoul Continent"). Matairiku is several hundred times larger than the combined area of the Earth's continents. In middle of the continent, an 8,000 km (4.97 mi) high mountain range sits with a 3,000 km (1.86 mi) high waterfall known as the Sky to Ground.

The ocean that surround Matairiku have an unmeasurable area. The ocean that lies on the eastern side of the continent is Daimakai which is a sea of fire that can reach over 10,000 degrees Celsius (18,032 degrees Fahrenheit). The ocean in  the western side of Makai, Daimayou is opposite of Daimakai and is made up of ice. Where the two oceans meet, there is a gap enclosed by the wind, lighting and thunder. In the outer expanse of the oceans, a wall of compressed air makes further travel nearly impossible. A forest of plants trees are large and living in this realm. The Makai scriptures states that beyond these oceans are rifts that lead to separate realms. No supernatural being has have traveled the beyond the oceans, so there is no proof of this by the beings who live in the realm of Makai.

Trivia Edit

  • Makai can mean "ghoul" or alternatively "spirit realm".
  • Though the realms are not entirly connected, Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins and Maximo series both take place in a realm near Makai.[citation needed] Ghost 'n Goblins original Japanese title is Makaimura (魔界村, lit. Demon World Village).

References Edit

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