Vampire Savior Secret File 01

Capcom's Secret File are 12 page booklets published along side various arcade games between 1996 and 1999. Each focusing on one game each, booklets feature additional information such as concept art, development information and various parodies. Each Secret File featured a theme for the cover. Along with the release of Vampire Savior, Capcom published the secret file, "Demon's Damnation," which focused on Vampire Savior (also known as Darkstalkers 3).

Demon's DamnationEdit

With the release of Vampire Savior in 1997, Capcom published the secret file titled "Demon's Damnation," which is a play the possible subtitle for Vampire Savior, Jedah's Damnation. The outside of the work is a mock up of a horror VHS tape with the tag line "From the Deepest Bottom of the Hell, Here comes..." On the back of the Secret File, mock screen shots from a anime appear featuring B.B.Hood, Jedah Dohma and Q-Bee.

Featuring Darkstalkers' charactersEdit

  • Issue 04, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Super Puzzle Fighter II X)
  • Issue 15, Pocket Fighter
  • Issue 18, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Demon's Damnation galleryEdit


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