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    MvC3 VS Images

    July 20, 2011 by Openwithnotepad

    I found these randomly on Capcom Unity D: I don't remember where but I figured someone out there might enjoy them. Sadly I couldn't find Felicia's, even trying to do a google search.

    Edit: Fixed the images by placing them in a table.

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  • Openwithnotepad

    On Capcom-Unity someone pointed out that a user J. had created 3 blogs (as well as a few others Street Fighter related) on the translations seen in the Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge Japanese endings. Each character was given a specific epilogue to add to their story that carried over from the original Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. These epilogues weren't present in the games outside of Japan until later on. Instead of the epilogues the games outside Japan just featured the character art slowly scrolling by.

    I always wondered what of these have been canon. Some seem plausible while others not so much. I'm also curious on the US translations, its my belief they might have been tacked on into Chaos Tower but I honestly have no idea sin…

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  • Openwithnotepad

    I added some redirects to some characters/a game:

    • Aulbath now takes you to Rikuo
    • B.B.Hood and Bulleta now take you Baby Bonnie Hood
    • Dark Gallon now takes you to Dark Talbain
    • Gallon now takes you Jon Talbain
    • Lei-Lei now takes you to Hsien-Ko
    • Phobos now takes you Huitzil
    • Zabel Zarock now takes you Lord Raptor
    • Vampire Hunter now takes you to the Night Warriors page.

    Hopefully it'll ease searches :]

    Edit: I fixed the Zabel redirect, I accident mispelled his name as Zable, Darkstalkers 3 now takes you Vampire Savior': Lord of Vampire page as well as Vampire Savior taking you to the same page. Vampire takes you to the Darkstalkers: Night Warriors page.

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  • Openwithnotepad

    I've played Darkstalkers forever and I'm always surprised at who I end up liking next. Its not that I dislike any of the cast but sometimes my favorites change and gravitate towards someone else. Recently I've grown to enjoy Anakaris. I haven't really played him but his style of fighting is really intresting. Anyone else have a character or characters they're surprised they've grown fond of?

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